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Australia Melbourne - 53.jpg

One of our favorite things to do anywhere, really, is to get in a car and just go! In 2010, we drove from Sydney, NSW to Melbourne, VIC. We were joined by frequent traveling companion, Ron Sampson. It was a scenic and sparsely populated route. Wonderful scenery, beaches, and small towns.

Australia Victoria Melbourne Ballooning

I was up at 3:45 am, to gather in the dark, for a balloon ride over Melbourne. It was marvelous. It is the only large city that allows balloons over its central district. And what a treat to see it from the air. Up and down, close to the earth and back up. We had a good day, a full moon, followed by a nice sunrise and clear weather for our ride.

Australia Melbourne XX Cemetery - 6.jpg

Located within Boroondara General Cemetery in Kew, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Springthorpe Memorial, completed in 1901 is “one of Melbourne’s hidden gems. Not a rhinestone, but an over-the-top extravagant diamond from the late-Victorian era. In 1933, The Argus praised it as “the most beautiful work of its kind in Australia.”

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