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   I grew up on a ranch in Tesuque, NM just north of Santa Fe.

In retrospect, it was an idyllic childhood. We had no electricity or running water, in order to be bilingual we spoke only Spanish at home, slept outside, even in the winter snows, raised our own vegetables and fruits in a large garden, had goats for milk, chickens for eggs and the occasional roast and we were home schooled.

   Our life revolved around the seasons, Indian festivals, and travel.

I eventually went to Boston University, graduating in 1960. The Peace Corps in 1962-63, in Caracas, Venezuela followed college.

   I have two children, Danielle Ruthling Klaussen and Karl Hooker Ruthling Klaussen.


   In 1994, I married Bud Collins, whose life covering tennis has taken him, for 55 years, and now me, to amazing places all over the globe.  It has enabled me to photograph beautiful places.  What a joy it has been! Bud died in March of 2016 but I am continuing my travels and hope to experience more of our planet...

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