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Europe Italy Rome 2005 - 1.jpg

Rome is truly my favorite large city due to its ever beguiling surprises….I am constantly eagerly anticipating each new street, each corner … a fountain, a small square, an ancient building or ruin.

Europe Italy Messina 2005 - 1.jpg

My grandmother came from Messina, so I had always wanted to visit the city. We were fortunate to have dear friends there, Lia and Luca who showered us with warm hospitality.

Europe Italy Rome Dio Padre Misericordia

After six years of frustration, I finally made it to Richard Meier’s dazzling, elegant church, commissioned to celebrate the new millennium.

Europe Italy Venice 2010 - 1.jpg

Venice …. what an enchanted place with its constantly changing light, weather, water. Its history, its art, its food.  It deserves its reputation as a must see in one’s life.

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