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Route: Yanama to Totora

We set off before the sun was up, leaving the village of Yanama at an altitude of 11,381′, trekking along the Yanama River and Valley with majestic spaces, lupine covered hills, mule train after mule train headed in both directions, most loaded with potatoes.

We passed workers planting potatoes as we began to really climb up the winding trail to Totora Pass. It was very steep, grueling, slow going. The pass, at 15,252, was shrouded in clouds when we arrived but the sun quickly shone through. We had reached the highest point on the trek!! From there to our campsite in Totora, at 11,447,’ we enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, lunch by the river. In the evening, a Peruvian barbeque (Pachamanca) for dinner. We had gone eleven miles.

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