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“Red Fjord” is named for its colorful sandstone on its western side.  The stone has been “stained” red by hematite, rare in this part of Greenland. There is a shallow area where icebergs can get trapped …. 

  “The land at this time surveyed and projected is mountainous, dark and sterile in the extreme. Nothing can be conceived more rugged than it is; yet nothing that I have ever seen equals it in bold grandeur, and interesting character. There is nothing in it that is tame, smooth or insignificant. The mountains consist of innumerable series of elevated peaks, cones or pyramids, with the most rugged assemblage of sharp rocks jutting from the sides. They take their rise from the very beach, and ascend by steep and precipitous cliffs. – William Scoresby on Scoresbysund, July 19, 1822

      Our hike went past reflections of mountains in small lakes, rocky ledges with patches of red flowers.  We saw many shy musk ox.

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