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Bud and I took part in a marvelous six day adventure, ballooning in Switzerland in mid June 2009. We were fortunate to join Sibby and Bob Brasler in an auction item to benefit the Arthur Ashe Junior Tennis Program in Philadelphia. We celebrated Sibby’s birthday on the 16th of June and Bud’s 80th on the 17th of June!!! Our masterful pilot, Stan Hess, and his “chaser” wife, Mary, led us on our adventure. Joining us as well, Kim and Neal Blackwell, helping Stan and Mary.

This gallery show our flights around the town of Appenzell in northeastern Switzerland, with a side visit to Heiden, near Lake Constance where we enjoyed a lovely al fresco lunch with fabulous photographer Patrick Loertscher, his wife, Monica and son, Jan.

We drove through Mazendorf to visit balloonist Manfred Streit and his wife, Rosmarie, on our way to Kandersteg. Due to poor weather and rain, we were not able to fly there. But there was gorgeous scenery, meadows filled with flowers, a cable car ride in the Bernese Oberland at the trail head to the beautiful Lake Oeschinensee, one of Switzerland’s loveliest lakes.

From there we drove to Gstaad for our last two days of ballooning and two birthdays, Sibby Brasler’s and Bud’s big 80th! What a memorable, stunning trip!

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