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Mount Kilimanjaro rises abruptly from the plains, 3 degrees south of the equator, rising to its 19,341’ elevation, the highest mountain in africa. It is the highest free standing mountain in the world. In 1988 I had the thrill of climbing it to its summit, Uhuru Peak… It is a dormant volcano, but not extinct. During the climb, one passes through several life zones from tropical to arctic. It is a wonderful experience.

SAFARI - 1988

When I was heading to Africa by myself in 1988, I sat next to a native Tanzanian who said everyone should  go to Africa and once you had done so, you were bound to return.  It is where we all come from, so is a bit haunting.  After climbing Kilimanjaro, I treated myself to a safari through the game parks of Tanzania. We camped out and stayed in lodges. But in the end, the camping was superior! Sleeping under those stars, hearing the animals. Enjoying cooking over wood fires.

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